Study Design

Study Design

The REACCTING study is a multi-component cookstove intervention study. 


Basic design and timing of REACCTING Project:

Basic design and timing of REACCTING Project:

The REACCTING study is designed to deliver two key contributions to the field of clean cookstove research.

·         A carefully designed stove intervention (link to STOVE INTERVENTION page) that:

o   provides two stoves for each household randomly assigned to an intervention arm since we know that households already rely on multiple stoves to meet their cooking needs; and

o   allows a side-by-side comparison of both “high” and “low” end biofuel-burning stove models.

·         A comprehensive set of measurements to assess the intervention’s impacts along a pipeline of intermediate to final outcomes, including:

1.       Data on cooking behaviors and stove use from surveys and stove use monitors

2.       In-situ stove emissions measurements

3.       Measurements of personal exposure to pollutants

4.       Mircroenvironment (i.e., in-home) air quality measurements

5.       Monitoring of regional air quality