Education and Outreach

Education and Outreach Activities

Dr. Wiedinmyer was a science mentor for the Earth Explorers Program during the Fall of 2013. Check out the video the students made about the project and their time with Dr. Wiedinmyer. 


During the Spring Semester 2014, Dr. Hannigan designed and taught a new course titled Cookstove Assessment.  The course had a total enrollment of 19 students: 10 undergraduate and 9 graduate students.  Students learned how to assess existing and new technology used in the developing world for cooking, heating and lighting.  The course covered (1) food chemistry with the focus on increasing usable calories, (2) combustion and heat transfer as related to cooking, heating and lighting, and (3) combustion emissions and stove use assessment.  There were case studies interlaced throughout the content and the bulk of the workload was project based, including literature review and hands on measurements. Each student focused on a small region of the globe as climate, food, and fuel spatial differences impact the assessment.  The students were able to use the same tools that our research team is using to do their own measurements of stove efficiency and emissions for given foods and fuels.  All students present their results on a website for wider dissemination,